“Strathmore are always my first choice – they never let me down.”

Joanna Biggs, London Review of Books
We produce podcasts for the London Review of Books.

“A blue-ribbon audio production house. Comfortable studios; friendly, expert, experienced staff; top-notch editorial and technical standards; and – after years of meticulous research – the finest coffee/shortbread combo in town!  It’s always a pleasure to record at Strathmore where high standards guarantee quality results.”

Tamsin Collison, producer
Tamsin has worked with us on many titles, including the Inspector Rebus series.

“Creative, detailed, professional and all-round nice people – it’s been a pleasure!”

Jacqueline McCann, Director, Campbell Books
With Campbell Books, we produce audiobooks aimed at preschool children. Jacqueline is referring to the recording of Axel Scheffler’s Noisy Farm.

“Always love coming here. Friendly and very well looked after.”

Daniel Philpott, actor
Daniel has read The Wedding Officer (WF Howes), Alphabet House (Strathmore own), and Smoke and Mirrors (Quercus Books) in our studio.

“We came to Strathmore with our first audiobook project. The team spent a lot of time helping us understand all of our options and had a good understanding of the type of voice over artist we needed. They were able to manage the whole process for us, which was extremely helpful.”

Rosie Cotter, Content Manager, Marie Curie
We worked with the charity, handling all aspects of the production process involved in converting brochures into an audio format in order to reach a wider audience.

“Sat up and listened to this till midnight. What a fabulous job you have made of it – thank you so much to all involved. Absolutely brilliant adaptation.”

Elizabeth Burton-Phillips, Director, DrugFAM
DrugFAM is a charity offering support to families and carers of those suffering from addiction. It commissioned us to produce an audio version of their play Mum, Can You Lend Me Twenty Quid?