The late Andrew Sachs (1930–2016) is best known to the general public as Manuel, but he was a key player of the audiobook industry over thirty or more years. In January 2010, after he recorded Simon Sebag-Montefiore’s monumental Jerusalem, he stayed on in the studio to talk to Nicholas Jones about his work. The interview was recorded in anticipation of an audio industry website that never happened, so this interview was filed away in the archives and has never been heard. We rediscovered it recently, and release it now in honour of the memory of this brilliant performer and delightful, gentle man.

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During the past week we have been recording The Gilded Cage, the first title in Vic James' Dark Gifts trilogy. In addition to our reader, Avita Jay, and producer, Leo Whetter, Vic herself was able to join us for two of the studio days, drawing upon her experiences to pen a thoughtful blog post about the process. 

Alongside Vic's insight into the pronunciations, directions, and the spine-tingling feeling of hearing words brought to life which all comprise a good audiobook recording, we've compiled some other pieces from our archives of authors blogging about hearing their words performed back to them.

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Having the freedom to decide a book’s setting in space and time sometimes requires giving voice to languages which, due to their age, are typically read rather than spoken. In the case of Joanna Harris’ latest book Runemarks, this is Old Norse. Joanna herself has been on hand to offer help with articulating the language to our producer Richard Hughes, and our reader, Rosie Jones.

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This article was originally published in the London Book Fair Show Daily, 12 April 2016. 

One of the pleasures of being an audiobook producer is being part of not one but two creative worlds full of intelligent, articulate people with stories to tell or information to impart: authors, and readers (perhaps it is clearer in this article to call them ‘performers’ to avoid confusion with the consumers of printed books). 

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