Strathmore has a permanent staff of five. Additionally, we have an address book with a very wide range of experienced freelancers in print and audio production. Our network includes illustrators, editors, producers, engineers, abridgers, composers, and artists. 



Nicholas Jones studied biological science at university. He expected to go into scientific publishing, but his first job at Michael Joseph found him copy-editing Dick Francis. He then went to Thames Television to manage tie-in books, records and merchandise. Here, he was able to use his interests in both typography and sound recording and learn many of the skills that have come into play at Strathmore. Additionally, he ran the publishing and bookselling operations at the RIBA for eight years before establishing Strathmore in 1995.


Office Manager

Becky joined Strathmore at the beginning of 2018 to take on the accounts, generally running the office, and looking after the green room. Previously she worked in ELT video and audio production, including 14 years at Motivation Sound Studios. At Motivation, she was part of the team hosting Strathmore audiobook recordings before the creation of the studios at Sans Walk.


Managing Director

Elspeth has worked with Strathmore Publishing since April 2000. She used to produce and edit audiobook recordings but now looks after all the studio bookings since the arrival of her two daughters. Elspeth casts readers, co-ordinates producers and the post-production team for each project, and keeps everything to schedule. She also typesets and project-manages the printed books and journals that Strathmore produces.


Audio Production Executive

Mary joined Strathmore in 2019 after some time working in live radio as a studio manager and producer at LBC. She now works on maintaining the production and post-production schedules of our audiobooks, delivering masters to our clients, and taking care of the greenrooms.


Audio Production Manager

Originally from Göteborg, Sweden, Jonas relocated to London in 2008 and studied Sonic Arts and Design at UAL London College of Communication. Following this he spent several years as a freelance producer, sound designer and audio editor. Jonas joined Strathmore in 2019, where he is now in charge of the studios, managing the production, editing, and delivery of projects.