Quarterly Blog: Poetry


October 4th was National Poetry Day 2018, which came at a time of a huge resurgence of poetry writing and consumption in the UK. Poetry book sales have seen a 42% increase over the last 5 years which can only mean that the appreciation of poetry is booming in the UK. Even more encouraging is that the poetry market and poets themselves are diversifying – 1.4 million adults wrote poetry in 2015–16.  In other words, this medium is reaching, and voicing the experiences of an ever-expanding section of society. This has absolutely been reflected in our output … Read More >

Quarterly Blog: Alternative Audio


In the last blog, I mentioned that Strathmore’s output has increased not only in quantity, but also in variety. This trend has continued over the first half of 2018 and, while audiobooks are still very much our bread-and-butter, we have branched out into other kinds of audio recording. From interviews, to podcasts, to apps, Strathmore has been developing a range of new skills and pondering the questions and challenges that come with them: How long will a listener be willing to stay for a bonus feature at the end of an audiobook? What are the differences … Read More >

Quarterly Blog: Heard And Not Seen


The second half of 2017 has been some of the busiest months that Strathmore has seen. Not only have we upped the quantity of spoken word that we are producing, but the diversity of it as well – from nursery rhymes to apps to medical instruction videos. And, of course, our production of good old-fashioned audiobooks is flourishing as well. In fact, this trend can be seen throughout the audio publishing industry as a whole (up 28.2% year on year). People seem keener than ever to get their ears around a good story, and … Read More >